The story of Wan Fah

Wan Fah Boat Design by Sunto From the Fine Arts Department Is designed Wan Fah is a boat built with authentic Thai art in the north. The family “Taste of Honor” is the owner of a business that aims to preserve Thai. And to preserve Thai art invaluable for a long time to remain for Thai children. See and know. Wanlop Boat is the family business that nowadays comes to “Pichet Thatsakiat Mongkol” is the second generation executive from the parents. Wan Fong was built in 1984 and opened its first service in 1987. It is 5.60 meters in width and 31 meters in length and 1.36 meters deep. Capacity of 120 passengers in the first 2-3 years by the Wan Fahs. In addition to the Wan Fah Boat, there are also two small boats with capacity of about 40 people per boat. Therefore, the family. Thoet sacred honor “sees the growth of the business. As a result, six additional vessels have been built, according to customer requirements. After successful business in the boat industry, “Pichet Thitikonmongkol” continues to look for new trading locations. Finally, I found another business, “Restaurant” has created a Thai restaurant called “Thai Wah Restaurant. Set up on the banks of Chao Phraya. Location It is a community of Chinese people called “the royal dynasty”, which in the past was an important port. For water trading by boat

“Wan Fah Restaurant” was opened on August 4, 1997 and serves Thai-Chinese-European cuisine, serving up to 400-500 seats. And with the long service of the famous Wan Fah Boat, the Wan Fah Restaurant is in the market of leisure and the restaurant is well known today.